Color your Mother in Flowers on Mother’s Day

Sweet Surprise

Like coloring on a piece of paper, it is habit to use colors we like first and build our picture from there. That is the basis in which I am referring to when I say, color your Mother in flowers. By choosing colors your mother enjoys when picking out flowers for your Mother’s Day arrangement, you are drawing a color self-portrait of your mother in the arrangement. The colors could reflect different aspect of your mother, from her birth color, birth flower color, favorite colors, or birth colors of her offspring’s. The colors you choose in your flowers could represent your mom’s personality. If your mom has a happy, sun shinning, joyful personality, yellows work wonderful. If your mom has a more subdued, naturalistic personality, greens and earth tones reflect that well. If your mom presents with a sophisticated personality, rich purples show class and sophistication. If your mom has a hot fiery full of love personality then definitely go with rich reds! Mother’s Day is the perfect day to create a color pallet profile of your mother in flowers, reflecting who she is through color. It is a thoughtful way of showing that you value your mother through your reflection of your knowledge of what makes her so special.

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