Easter Gifts

When most people think of Easter gifts they often think of Easter eggs or Easter flowers,   and some people prefer to give baskets of food or candy.  The tradition of gifts at Easter time dates back many thousands of years and has its origins in the pagan celebration of Eostre – the goddess of spring. Giving gifts that symbolized the return of spring and the promise of new life was often the theme of these special feasts and celebrations. Eggs have always been associated with life – for obvious and not so obvious reasons. As an aside, the way that eggs and the Easter bunny became a North American tradition is due in part to the Germans of the 17th century. They settled in Pennsylvania and brought their unique tradition (of a hare laying brightly coloured eggs on Easter morning) with them when they settled in America. The giving of flowers is also symbolic of many traditions and is steeped in both pagan and neo-Christian lore. The white Eater lily has long been associated with both Jesus and the Virgin Mary as it is said that the white flowers appears at Jesus feet in the garden of Gethsemane as he hung from th cross. Alternatively, the white lilies were all that was found in the Virgin Mary’s tomb three days after her burial. This year, as Easter approaches, no matter what your beliefs, remember this, Easter has always been a time of celebration and a time of giving. And sending Easter flowers or an Easter gift is a great way to tell someone you are thinking about them. And sending Easter gifts is easy, simply contact Brantflorist today.