Featured Flower Friday ~ Spring Fling by Teleflora

Spring Fling by Teleflora

Yes, spring is here! Really, even with some of these chilly to darn right cold evenings, and shaky forecasts – according to the calendar, spring is here. With spring in the air, you know Easter is right around the corner as well falling on April 4th this year. However, with Easter approaching fast, with good ol’ Peter Cottontail leading, he hasn’t been doing a real good job of keeping the snow away as some are still struggling with that cold white stuff. Those that are still dealing with snow shovels, winter hats, boots, and coats would really appreciate the featured Friday flower – Spring Fling by Teleflora, delivered to their door. A sunny, cheerful bouquet of fresh-cut flowers like the Spring Fling is the perfect antidote to winter. If you are still dealing with the winter blues, go ahead and send it to yourself. Who says you can’t buy flowers for yourself.