Flower Care Tips for Easter Lilies

Easter Lily Plant
Easter Lilies are probably one of the most popular flowers sent as a gift or greeting for Easter. After all, the Easter lily is the traditional flower for Easter. With a large, trumpet-shaped white flower, the Easter lily symbolizes purity, hope, and life. It is a beautiful plant for celebrating Easter as well as spring in general. The Easter lily is only available for sale for a few short weeks across most of the US so there is not much time left if you want to send an Easter Lilies to friends or family.

Here are a few care facts for your Easter Lilies:

  • Lilies bruise easily, so handle them gently.
  • Lily pollen can stain clothing and furniture, so carefully dust with a tissue or remove the anthers (the pollen-coated tips) before displaying.
  • If you remove older flowers it will make room for new buds to open.
  • Lily plants prefer moist soil and diffused light.
  • Keep lilies away from pets. Lilies can be poisonous to cats or dogs if ingested.