Wedding Flower Etiquette

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As everyone knows, more marriages happen during from Spring thru Fall then the winter months, and the wedding season is quick approaching as I was reminded of when I was asked a very important question about wedding flower etiquette: Who is responsible for purchasing the wedding flowers, the brides parents, or the grooms?

Well this is a great question. Traditionally it is the bride’s side that pays for the wedding flowers. However, with today’s economy, many of the wedding traditions are falling to the wayside due to finances on everyone’s part. Traditionally, the bride’s side pays for the wedding and the grooms side pays for the honeymoon but more and more couples are either joining expenses and even more couples are funding their entire wedding and honeymoon. If one side of the new soon to be wedded couples’ parents is more strapped for funds, it is hard to ask for something they do not have to give. This is where it pays off for couples to have longer engagements in order to help off set some of the expenses by starting a wedding savings fund. However, if both families are financially capable, leaving you able to stick with tradition, then the bride’s side picks up the flower expense.

If you are newly engaged, it is smart to begin planning what type of flowers you wish to have at your wedding regardless of who is footing the bill. By doing so you have a good estimate on what you will need financially for the wedding flowers and can work it to fit whatever budget.