The Wrong Way to Order Flowers Online

    It is highly recommended that you order your flowers from a real florist

   Here is a recent report that appeared in a number of national media outlets.  It is self explanatory and one has to wonder when will the public smarten up and figure this out?  None of the big web sites carry any flowers in stock, they have no designers and have never delivered even one bouquet of flowers They are nothing but a web site with an automatic computerized system of sending orders to the local florist. Humans do not even see or touch your orders.  And for that they retain a big chunk of your dollars. Why do you order from them?

    Here is the story quoted as it appeared in one publication………

Another recent test order story we heard about: “Sending Flowers: Do You Get Your Money’s Worth?,” which ran on WFMY News in North Carolina.

The report was the result of collaboration with four other television stations in Grand Rapids, Mich.; Washington, D.C.; Cleveland; and Knoxville, Tenn. They each used what they described as a “well-known order taker like 1-800-Flowers, F TD, Tele flora and” and sent each other a total of 20 arrangements costing at least $50 a piece.

Though a few passed the test, many of the arrangements, according to the reporters, didn’t come close to matching and seemed significantly smaller than what was ordered, and one station complained of “wilted” flowers.

After calling in a professional florist to analyze the arrangements, the reporters came to the following conclusion: “So this is what happens if you use an order taker instead of a local florist,” WFMY says. “First you’ll have to take out several of the major flowers for their delivery fees. Then, you’ll need to take out more flowers for their service fees. And if you want it delivered in the morning, you might as well take out a few more flowers. What you’re left with is a shell of the bouquet.”