Where do Florist Flowers Originate?

Cut bouquets
Florist flowers come from many different regions of the world, some variant upon what time of year it is. Many of the flowers used by Brant Florist come from the United States such as roses, lilies, iris, and gerberas just to name a few come from California most typically. However, roses and other flowers such as carnations, chrysanthemums, and alstroemaria can come from Central and/or South America. Depending on the type of rose can vary on region where obtained. The mountains of Columbia and Ecuador are known for larger headed roses so if a particular popular arrangement calls for such, Brant Florist will seek out the best florist farm regardless of local in order to give the customer only the very best the flower world has to offer. After all, if Brant florist can have flower arrangements delivered internationally, it only goes to say they would tap into what the entire world has to offer in flowers. Only the best for Brant Florist customers.

The European market offers florist the world of tulips, hypericum, hyacinth, and callas and Australia, New Zealand, Israel, Russia, and South Africa also have various cut flowers to offer the world of flower arrangements. A great florist will tap into what the entire world has to offer in flowers to better assist their customers. Brant florist prides itself in having an extensive variety of beautiful fresh flowers to make the perfect flower arrangements for any occasion just for you!