Addresses on Funeral Flowers for Delivery

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I came a cross and interesting article on Washington that I felt appropriate and important to share with everyone. It is in regards to sending funeral flowers.

Hints From Heloise
Posted Monday, January 25, 2010; 12:00 AM

An Address for Those Left Behind

Dear Heloise: You had a column about putting ADDRESSES ON FUNERAL FLOWERS. You were right on, and I’ll add a few hints.

My sister died, and her children had no idea who some of the people were, and neither did we siblings. People had signed only their first names to cards, with no return address of further identity. We would suggest adding a bit of a note with some extra information, such as “Jane Doe, a sorority sister from college,” etc. My mother received a card with a monetary gift signed only “Margaret.” We had no idea which Margaret, and the postmark was not helpful. We felt terrible that we could not return a thank-you.Kathy H., Nebraska

My condolences on losing your sister. It’s a very hard time, and trying to take care of sending thank-you notes can be difficult. Readers, please sign your full name, especially if you are not a close friend or relative.Heloise

The point made in this helpful hint in sending funeral flowers is an absolute truth. However, anytime you send flowers to someone in replace of your presence, may it be a funeral, baby shower wedding, or another event, the same information that were mentioned in the Washington Post Heloise column should be followed as well.