Meaning of Rose Colors

Rose Colors Mean a Lot24redroses.JPG

     Roses have become so symbolic with many different meanings conveying several messages. The history of roses is very rich and it has long been known as a confidential symbol. In fact, the Latin term “sub rosa” meaning under the rose referred to a secret message.

     Roses are highly regarded for their beauty and fragrance. Rose bushes are found in almost every garden today and in most of history. Those who receive a gift of fresh cut roses are always delighted and the envy of everyone in their midst.  There is little doubt the rose is an ideal gift for many occasions and sometimes the color carries a special silent meaning too.

    So let us elaborate on the meaning of rose colors.

Red Roses Red Roses

    There is no secret that red roses are the color that most conveys love.  It is the Queen of Valentine’s Day as most men buy their love at least a few red roses if not a dozen or two.  The color red also conveys respect as well as the spirit of love. Almost everyone will agree that red roses are the roses of love, passion and romance. There are many shades available from very dark red to brilliant fire engine shades that light up the face of any admirer.  There are more  varieties of reds than any any other color.

White Roseswhiteroses.jpg

    The white rose is generally regarded as symbolic of purity, innocence and humility. It is often called the bridal rose and indeed white rose varieties have been named  in relation to weddings and brides. But white roses also carry the meaning of truth and reverence and is often designed in sympathy flowers. Some also say it means loyalty and thus the message is “I am worthy of you”. There are many shades of creams and whites in dozens of varieties.

Pink RosesPink Roses`

     Pink roses seem to have several meanings…..femininity, gentility, refinement and elegance.  Although there is some overlap here, one can see that pink roses take on an association with the female side of things. Baby girls are always smothered in pink and most women have at least some pink in their wardrobe and in their decorating. Pink is rarely associated with males as most men deem pink to not be masculine.  There is even a further page in the pink chapter as deep pink is said to mean appreciation and gratitute while pale pink endorses admiration and happiness as well as grace and gentleness.

Mauve, Purple, Lilac RosesPurple Mauve Roses

    Would you believe one meaning is “love at first sight” ?  This color is often more difficult to find and is usually only available in small numbers. Some varieties are well known for a wonderful fragrance that is almost impossible to define………like no other scent you have ever known. Also considered to mean desire and enchantment as well as “to proceed cautiously”. It is also important to note that some of the mauve varieties do not have a long vase life………still the colors and fragrances make these roses highly desirable even for a few days. Often referred to as lavender roses also.

Orange Roses

     In tune with fiery shades of orange, this color is considered to mean passion and desire.  Orange Roses This would be an ideal color to send to show your admiration for someone and to indicate that you feel attraction.  Included in this range of meanings is enthusiam and excitement.  Orange roses in larger numbers are fairly new to the market as consumers have been cautious and hesitant to send the color orange……….unsure of how acceptable the gift will be at the other end.  While some recipients may be a little unsure also when they open the gift………..they soon become fans of orange roses and they watch wonderful blooms open to a very showy display. Orange roses are very hardy and long lasting.

Yellow Roses  

      Today the yellow rose is considered to mean caring friendship. The yellow blooms Yellow Roses convery joy, warmth and affection.  However, this was not the case in history when the yellow rose was considered to very strongly mean jealousy. A vase full of sun filled yellow roses can be a joy to behold. 

      Yellow roses are popular throughout the year but coupled with orange often see more utilization in floral design during the fall months.  These two colors in roses seem to harmonize with autumn and often put on a dazzling display of flashy warm feelings that is a pleasure to behold.