How Flowers are Transported

Incredible Fancy

It is pretty obvious that flowers have to be shipped into florist from other states and even countries depending on the flower and the season. Nevertheless, how do the flowers arrive fresh, fresh enough to last any amount of time for gifting? That is a good question and one that is fairly easily answered. Flowers are shipped to florist through a process called “cold chain”.

Cold Chain is a process that keeps the flowers at a certain temperature from the moment the flowers leave the farms to the florist. As long as that temperature remains the same through out the whole transporting, the flowers will last longer. Before the flowers even board the transport, at the farm, directly after being boxed, the flower boxes are injected with cold air to quickly drop their temperature to correct transport temperature. The temperature is monitored and documented throughout the transport. This ensures that when they arrive at the florist, the flowers are at their freshest state possible with longevity. If the temperature documentation shows a drop in the temperature during transport, the wise florist will not purchase the shipment because their longlivity has been jeopardized.