Flowers for a Child?

Well Done Flowers Congratulations

You often hear about gifting flowers to adults, romantic situations, funerals, and many other reasons but rarely hear about bestowing flowers upon children. That is sad if you ask me, especially if you have a daughter.

Your children often do some pretty amazing things in school, sports, or even clubs or church functions they belong to. We congratulate them with words, a hug, a high five or what not but seldom if ever consider gifting them congratulation flowers. Why is that? It doesn’t make much sense to me why we don’t. We should. We send flowers to various other people in our lives to represent the way we feel, why should it be any different with our children? And wouldn’t it bring a bigger appreciation to our children the power of flowers?

Imagine your child achieved an honor roll status or even accomplished maintaining a goal set little or big in school. You could really show your child just how proud you are of them and excited for them in their achievement by having congratulation flowers delivered to them at school! Imagine how proud they would feel when flowers arrived just for them. Imagine the praise they would even receive from their classmates and the envy their classmates would have. Congratulation flowers will definitely make your child feel extra special that day and for a long time afterwards. That single act can make a huge impact on your child’s life and how they feel about achieving set goals. So next time your child achieves something incredible, show them how much it really means to you and just how proud you are of them with having flowers delivered to them.