Valentines Day Flowers

Valentine’s Day Flowers

      Valentines Day is celebrated on Feb 14 and it has become the day for lovers to express their love for each other.  Flowers have become the number one gift as well as cards, chocolates and candy.  Most would think flowers are the major expression of love and admiration not only for Feb 14th but at many other times during the year. Valentine’s Day Flowers are very popular and mean so much  to the person receiving the flowers. Both men and women love to receive flowers at Valentines.

Valentine’s  Roses 

     Roses are the number one choice in flowers. Millions of blooms will be purchased and given on Feb 14.  Red roses are 24redroses.JPGthe number one choice by men although colors are catching on fast. Most women would prefer to receive their favorite color in roses but they would never tell their man not to buy red.  The male ego is easily bruised!  They would sooner receive red than no roses at all. Valentines Roses of any color are always a big hit and will always be much appreciated.

Deliver Valentines Flowers Early

    Valentines Day Flowers represents the largest day in sales in the entire year for any florist. Some customers will accept early delivery on Feb 12 and 13th but most feel the delivery has to be made on the 14th.  Florists are so over run with orders for delivery that day that is fairly common for drivers to be still delivering late in the evening.  Customers would be well advised to be a hero and request delivery before the 14th.  Why does this make the customer a hero?  Because the recipient will be the first in the office or on the block to receive roses or flowers and we all know there is always a strong hint of competition among co-workers, friends and family.  One will be a much bigger hero for remembering to send the roses and even to send the delivery early as compared to delivery being made at 7pm or 8pm on Feb 14th.