Giving the gift of Roses for Valentines Day

Loves Touch Rose Bouquet

Giving or having roses delivered on Valentines Day has become common practice amongst those in love and some say that nothing other than roses can truly convey ones feelings as deeply as roses. Many relate this to the meanings behind the colors of roses gifted, each color having its own specific meaning attached and by selecting the right colored roses to ones feelings makes that gift even more meaningful than any other does.

Here are some of the popular rose colors given on Valentines Day and their meaning:

Red Valentines Roses conveys romantic love.
Purple Valentines Day Roses conveys love at first sight.
Orange Valentines Day Roses conveys deep desire.
Yellow Valentines Roses conveys your happiness and friendship.
Peach Valentines Day Roses convey gratitude and appreciation.
Pink Valentines Day Roses convey innocent and tender love.
White Valentines Day Roses convey purity of love.

Whether you are having Valentine roses delivered to a lover, mother, or even daughter, there is a rose/color perfect to convey that special bond, that relationship and your feelings towards it and Brant Florist is more than happy to help you send just that feeling.