What’s the most popular Valentine’s gift? Flowers!

Happy Hearts

Flower bouquets are the most popular Valentines Day gift given. That doesn’t mean that other gifts are not given as well, but generally, with any gift given, flowers accompany it.

If you stop and think about it, if you have a romantic partner that is, on Valentines Day you can pretty much expect flowers. You actually would be disappointed if you didn’t get flowers. You may even think something was going wrong in your relationship if you didn’t get them and question why. Gifting flowers on Valentines Day has always been a long time tradition of showing your love to another and a pretty great one at that.

Although roses are more of the traditional flower of Valentines Day, it doesn’t limit one to gift just roses or always roses. Granted, roses are sweet and have their own little meanings, there are so many beautiful flowers available for one to send and surprise a loved one. You can always match your flowers to the type of relationship you have. If it is a more adventurous relationship – go exotic. If it is sweet, new and endearing, daisies are always sweet. If it is a long lasting intimate one, you already know your loved ones favorite flowers and they are always your best bet! Roses are always great, but don’t let them limit your creativity in the message you are trying to convey this Valentines Day.