Guess what’s coming up girls? Yep – Valentines Day!!!

3 Premium Roses in Vase with Teddy Bear

Okay, traditionally it is the guy that gets the girl flowers on Valentines Day – right? Generally that is the tradition, but it doesn’t mean the guy wouldn’t like the extra attention from time to time as well, and what better day to throw a little curve in a relationship than Valentines Day by sending Valentines Day flowers.

I am not saying a curve ball that is going to strike you out – rather one that will put a surprising spin on your relationship. Imagine your guy at work being delivered flowers. Can you imagine his expression? Yea, his co-workers may give him some ribbing for receiving Valentine Day flowers at work, but I can guarantee you one thing – he will never forget it! Not only that, even though he may be a bit embarrassed, inside he is going to be beaming – he just can’t let the co-workers see that is all. He will be touched and feel special. And in closing ladies – he will never ever forget you!