Where Do Flowers Come From?

Where Do Flowers Come FromFlowers have been an international commodity for some time, and world trade has now grown into many billions of dollars. While each country or at least most countries have some local production, there are many highly successful exporting countries. Many years ago, Holland owned most of the world flower exports after the second world war. While still a major producer, it has been joined by many other countries.

The leading exporters today may be Columbia and Ecuador, who have also become known as reliable high quality sources for many varieties. One of the newest to join the international trade scene is Kenya. But other countries around the globe also export niche production.

The world flower export market is very much affected by currency variations and many producing countries have been impacted by the value of their money on the world market.

The cost to produce flower crops is of course also a major element. One of the major factors is fuel to heat greenhouses as the cost of oil and natural gas has gone up over the years. Wages and taxes are two more significant factors.

The number of flower growers in the US and Canada has declined significantly in the last 25 years because of all three of the above costs. Farmers in South America do not need typical greenhouses and hence have no heating fuel costs because of the climate. Wages in South America and Africa are also much lower making these countries very competitive in the world markets.