Keep your Fresh Flower Bouquet Longer

You Love Flowers

Getting fresh flowers is a real treat – one that you would like to keep fresh for as long as possible. By following these simple directions, you can ensure your flowers will be around for you to enjoy for their longlivity.

When you first get your fresh flowers, choose the vase you intend on putting them into. Fill it with water and add the floral preservative. Do this before you begin trimming your flowers. Cut the stems of your flowers under running fresh clean at a diagonal slant. By cutting them under running water prevents the flowers from “breathing in” air. The slant cut helps them to drink water easier. While the stems are still under running water, trim any foliage off that will be below the water line. Immediately put the flowers into the pre-prepared flower vase. If you need to rearrange, do so quickly limiting the time your flowers stems are in contact with air. Place your arranged flowers in a cool location and keep away from heat sources, drafts, and air conditioners.

Every two to three days repeat the stem cutting process while freshening up the flowers vase water.

By following these easy steps you will be able to enjoy your beautiful fresh flowers for a long time.