Do Flowers in the Workplace Improve Productivity?

Yellow Hope Chrysanthemum

Do flowers improve ones mood? Yes, they do! So why wouldn’t they improve productivity? If an improved mood makes for a happier person, and a happier person is more productive, then it goes without saying that flowers can improve productivity in the workplace.

There was an actual study done just on this by some researchers at Texas A&M University called the Impact of Flowers and Plants on Workplace Productivity. During an eight month span, 101 participants were placed in controlled atmospheres (3 separate styles – one with fresh flowers and plants, one with abstract sculptures, and one with no décor at all) similar to a work office space and were required to perform a series of office tasks. During their time, the participants rated their mood at four separate intervals, executed two creativity tasks, and completed one intentional demand test.

Researchers measured the number of ideas participants generated, their ideas’ originality and flexibility, and other responses, using data extracted from the tests, which included Torrance Tests of the Creative Thinking and Profile of Mood States. Results showed higher productivity as well as creativity for those employees in designated workspaces decorated with fresh flowers and plants with second place – abstract art.

So when productivity starts to drop in your office, consider bringing it back to life with some fresh flowers or plants. Or if you work in an office, improve your mood and decorate your space with some fresh flowers or a plant.