Roses ~ Do you have to Stick to the Color Meaning?

Holiday Rose Bouquet
Roses have had a long-standing significance to love and romance throughout history with the red rose symbolizing love and fidelity. Varying other color of roses also has their own independent meaning in reflection of relationships.

Pink roses are known for their symbol of grace, elegance, admiration, appreciation, and an expression of joyfulness. Yellow roses symbolize true friendship and joy. White roses are symbolic to innocence, purity, new beginnings, remembrance, and are a symbol of honor and reverence. Orange roses symbolize desire, enthusiasm, passion, excitement, and an expression of a passionate romance. The lavender rose symbolizes enchantment, infatuation, and love at first sight.

So does this mean, since each rose color has a pre-determined symbolic meaning that you have to stick to just that? No, not by any stretch of the meanings. Say you have a romantic interest that you know for a fact does not care for the color red. Would you send him or her red roses just because of their meaning? No, you would fair better by sending that person roses in a color they love! You can accent the roses by including in the card attached your true feelings.

However, if the person you are sending roses to is very familiar with the meaning behind their colors to the point of being a stickler about it, then you best play it safe and make sure the roses you pick to send reflect the meaning, or just send a dozen roses incorporating all of the colors! Not only will you not have to deal with any backlash, you will make a huge impression on the recipient.