Thanksgiving Flowers US

BF9709  Thanksgiving has become a huge four day holiday celebrated with flowers and turkey.  Families gather together, airports are saturated with travellers, the freeways are jammed. Traditional family dinners serve roast turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes with gravy, cranberries, sweet potatoes and the list goes on to include many vegetables with pies for dessert.

Guests bring food and there is always a fresh flower Thanksgiving centerpiece on the table.

   People talk about why they are thankful and what has happened in the past year. Family reunions are everywhere as friends and family gather for a sumptuous meal and great conversation.  the cameras flash and toasts are proposed to many things. Everyone is feeling fine.

   Thanksgiving originated in 1621 when the Pilgrims celebrated their first harvest. Much like today, they set aside a holiday for a celebration of food, feasting and praising God. They invited the local people to join them for they owed much to the Wampanoag native Americans. It is doubtful if the Pilgrims would have survived without the considerable assistance of those people especially Squanto who taught them many essential skills such as growing corn and catching eels. The celebration went on for three days after which the natives gave gifts to the Governor of Plymouth.

   Thanksgiving centerpieces are used to decorate homes and the food table. These are usually done in fall flowers and colors to match the harvest scene. Most involve much more than flowers. Grains such as wheat are added together with cattails.  Sunflowers are popular too.  Florists create beautiful designs and flowers are sent across the country.  Home decorators and hosts make arrangements, wreaths and other home decorations all of which add to the festive occasion.

   Sending flowers is as easy as phoning your local florist.  You may order Thanksgiving flowers online too for delivery almost any where. Please make sure you order early as most florists become overloaded and quit taking orders. It may be hard to understand but flower arrangements are hand made and there are only so many hours to get all the orders filled for delivery. Too many leave ordering to the last minute and then are disappointed.

    Thanksgiving Thursday is a national holiday and all businesses close. Schools and colleges also close through the four day stretch. In fact, many offices close for the duration also. Retailers and florists take one day and then get back to work as Christmas shopping starts the day after Thanksgiving.