Thanksgiving Floral Ideas

Thanksgiving is a great time to decorate with fall arrangements. A Thanksgiving dinner can really become an event with a floral centerpiece on the table. You can find ideas for centerpieces on our website here

Looking at you will see buttons for more fall flower arrangements and Thanksgiving Day flowers and gift baskets. If you are attending a dinner a gift basket is a great way to say thank you and help add to a host’s presentation.

Here are a few Thanksgiving decorating ideas from

  • Accessorize a large table by placing a long, narrow centerpiece in the center of the table. Add a few smaller accent pieces or candles on each side of the arrangement for an added effect.
  • Ask your florist to create a centerpiece in a treasured family vase or bowl, or in seasonal pieces such as a cornucopia or a utility vase surrounded by dry corn cobs.
  • To create a lot of drama and variety, place a topiary at one end of the table leading to a cluster of small potted plants, then two smaller topiaries with candles leading to a tray of votive candles and flower petals, and so on…
  • Ask your florist to use vegetables or fruits as accents in your floral arrangement.
  • Garnish your serving trays with flowers and greens.
  • Scatter colorful fall leaves, flowers and votive candles along the center of your dining table.
  • Float flowers in crystal wine glasses.
  • Place a single long-stem rose on each plate to welcome your guests to the table.
  • Decorate small desserts with flowers or make an ice ring with flowers to chill champagne or wine.
  • Ask your florist to design the arrangements for your buffet table on several different levels to keep the eye flowing all along the table.
  • Place a garland of fruit, flowers and fall foliage over your front door.