Dendrobium Orchids

Dendrobium Orchids 2  Dendrobium orchids are now widely available in flower shops across the world. These orchids have become quite popular with their unique apearance and long life. The price is attractive to consumers although the per stem cost can hardly be considered as low in relation to other flowers. Still, the flower is considered to be good value because cut stems can last up to 3 weeks if cared for properly.

 The dendrobium orchid brings an exotic elegance to flower arrangements with just the addition of a few stems, usually in a grouping.  This orchid is often chosen for wedding work as the different colors fit many themes and the orchids bring an air of sophistication to the wedding bouquets. Even a few stems in a glass or ceramic vase shows  a degree of hi style befitting many decors.

There are several colors available including white and purple or majenta which are most popular. Other colors include green, pink, yellow, and lavender. There are also many outsanding bi-color selections with purple-white and pink-white being readily available and quite popular.

I can recall when dendrobium orchids were first introduced to our flower shop. It was the early 1980’s when two men dressed in uniforms came into the shop. They were carrying flat boxes and after the usual introductions, they opened the boxes to show flowers which were called dendrobium orchids. They had flown a route from North America to Thailand and had brought back boxes of orchids hoping to sell them to retail florists. We were reluctant to buy anDendrob Orchidsy, but of course bought one box to try the new flower. Over the next few months we continued to buy although the pilots soon gave up the extra activity. Flower importers soon entered the business and now we sell one or two boxes every week.

 Dendrobium Swartz is a genus of orchids which includes over 1200 natural varieties.  This group of orchids occurs in diverse habitats covering most of Asia including The Philipinnnes, Borneo, Vietnam, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand and New Guinea. Nearly all of the species are epiphytic which means to grow on a tree. The plants do not grow in soil but live by taking moisture-food from the air attached to their host. Dendobium orchids have adapted to a demanding variety of living conditions, from the Himalayan mountains to lowland tropical forests and even to dry desert climates in Australia.

 The varieties sold in retail flower shops are of course hybrid varieties developed for the world cut flower market. These are now well removed from their wild ancestors with consistent colors and stem lengths.  Many colors and varieties are available year round but many of the specialty varieties and unusual colors are more seasonal.

 One of the most well known uses of the dendrobium orchid flowerlets is in the making of Wrist Corsagethe lei and also corsages. The best known are of the Hawaiin lei but many other cultures also use this in their ceremonies. The dendrobium orchid is also available as a plant requiring high humidity and proper temperature range to flouish indoors. The Chinese have always made some medicines from this orchid and believe it to provide stamina.

 We suggest you buy some dendrobium orchid stems the next time you are in your florist shop. We are sure you will be delighted.