Sending Flowers to a Funeral is so Important

Funeral Home FlowersWhy sending flowers to a funeral is so important

I was at a funeral once, when the pastor delivering the service told the following story.

There were quite a few flowers at the front of the chapel and he began by saying that flowers were a reminder of the person whose life we were celebrating. He said flowers follow the life cycle of a human and that we were fortunate to have so many beautiful flowers to admire.

Both start with a seed and both required lots of attention during the early phase of their life. Next comes a maturing time as each develops into adulthood.  The plant moves into the flowering stage as the ultimate show for survival just as humans do from about the age of 25 to perhaps 50.  Both shine during this period and everybody admires their talent, their beauty and their contribution to our lives. During this time, both set the foundation for survival of the species. The plant initiates the beginning of seeds via the flowers and humans raise children. Then, both move into the final phase of their life………wilting and withering in old age until the end comes.

 Flowers are for the Living 

The flowers accomplish this all in one growing season or one growing cycle, which is often only a few weeks or months.  We can see life’s cycle before our very eyes and admire the flowers at the funeral service knowing that they too will soon wither and die.
Likewise, we can recall when the deceased was born, where they were raised, went to school and what they did in their work life and raising a family.  That might span 50 to 100 years whereas the flower shows the same cycle to us in much shorter time period.

Flowers at a funeral remind us of how glorious life can be as they proudly display the result of their plants’ lifetime work. Florists have lovingly put together pleasing combinations of many flower varieties, colors and texture into artistic arrangements for everyone to admire. The flowers say we are here to admire the life of the deceased also.  That person, like the flowers had glorious times for us to recall.

Flowers add so much WarmthBF4383

A funeral with out flowers is a cold affair indeed. I was at one some years back. A cold foreboding room with the casket up front and some rows of chairs for the mourners.  There was no reminder of life, no joy of flowers…. only the stark reality of death.  No color, no movement, no contrast, nothing to make anyone smile or feel the joy of life. I think everyone had the same feelings. Couldn’t wait to get out of that room.

So that is why you should send flowers for a funeral. There is no doubt flowers in the room will make everyone think of the wonderful moments in life and remind us that every life has a story to tell. Flowers make the conversations easier, turning talk to happy times. We are not here to despair; we cannot change the course of what has happened. But we can celebrate that life with wonderful flowers, great conversations, wonderful memories, knowing that we too are subject to the same end.  Well maybe, we can have coffee and cake after the burial too!  After all, both flowers and food make us feel better.

Order Funeral Flowers Online

So please phone or visit your florist before you go to the funeral home or church to celebrate someone’s life.  You may also of course, visit that florist on the web and order your flowers online. If you send flowers to the funeral, I think it shows how much you care. Choose a few words, and sign your card with love.  There is no better way to remember the life of the person who has passed away.  A funeral is for the living, not for the dead. A funeral should help us grieve and say goodbye. We need not shed tears forever. Send flowers and celebrate life.