Send Flowers for Sweetest Day

Red Roses Sending flowers for Sweetest Day has become more popular every year and often lovers choose flowers over candies. There is little doubt that flowers are much more romantic than chocolates and without the calories! Flowers make any romance bloom and the recipient will always remember the gift.

Sweetest Day is now set for the third Saturday of every October each year. The first Sweetest Day was organized by a group of Cleveland candy makers who got together and decided to start a celebration of their candies. That first October in 1921, they gave away thousands of boxes of candies to newspaper boys, orphans, old folks, the poor and those in hospitals and institutions. They dubbed it “The Sweetest Day of the Year” and used two famous movie stars to help in the give away. To this day, the celebration in Cleveland continues although it is not as well known in other parts of the country.

The card companies got into the act later and now Hallmark and American Greetings carry hundreds of Sweet cards. Many think Hallmark started the idea of Sweetest Day to sell more cards but that is not true at all. Still, cards have become very popular for this holiday as people like to give a nice card with their message of love or admiration.

Flowers and roses top the list for those who actually buy a gift to celebrate the day. There is always a special meaning to a gift of flowers. It is hard to describe but most women recall the last time they received flowers to the day no matter how long ago it may have been since they enjoyed that thrill. Most women would agree that men miss a tremendous opportunity to show their love and affection by not giving their partner flowers more often.

Let’s hear it for Sweetest Day! Send roses, teddy bears, flowers, balloons or a card…….but for gosh sakes send something to celebrate the day and show your love. Order on line from the florist or phone the 24 hour order phone number 1-800-263-9113. You want a florist that has a 100% guarantee and one that understands what you want to achieve on Sweetest Day.