This Friday 13th, Don’t Gamble on Love


Every year you see the same thing happen. Men and women leaving love to chance. You see them struggling home on the train or bus, or bouncing their bouquet in the back seat of a stuffy car-ride home. Or worse still, impatiently “on-hold” with a far-away florist too busy to take their phone order because that florist is facing a store full of last-minute orders from people who are stressed out too!

All for what? To get flowers delivered on Valentine’s Day. It’s a bit obvious don’t you think? It’s also the very worst time to place a last minute order simply because there are so many people doing the very same thing. It pretty much ensures a stressful experience all round…

That’s not very romantic – is it?

Might I suggest an alternative outcome for this Valentine’s Day? Picture this. You place your order today or tomorrow and request a delivery before the end of the week. Flowers from a reputable florist will always be beautiful for at least a week so your special someone will have them for the special day as well.

If you place your order beforehand you can be assured the greatest selection too, and be confident in the knowledge that you’ve avoided the Valentine rush. And while you’re thinking about this, add an alternate address so the delivery person has a backup location to bring your thoughtful Valentine’s Day gift.

Now that’s smart (and romantic) thinking.

On Friday 13th, don’t gamble on love. Place your order early and rest easy knowing you’re in good hands this Valentine’s Day.

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