Thanksgiving Flowers Canada

  It is Thanksgiving Day weekend in Canada…….always the second Monday in October.  This annual celebration gives thanks for everything we each have at the closing of the harvest season.  In French, it is known as Action de Grace.  Nearly everyone in Canada has much to be thankful for as we live in one of the best countries in the world.

  The official day is the Monday which is Oct  8 this year.  Canadians enjoy one of the last warm fall weekends at Thanskgiving. Weekend getaways are popular with trips out of town to admire the fall leaves as decidous trees often show off magnificent scenes of fall colors. Cottage owners often make one last visit and close their cottage for the winter. Outdoor activities such as hiking, farm visits and fall fairs are very popular. There is no shortage of what to do on Thanksgiving weekend in Canada.

A Day Off… 

  Most of Canada enjoys a day off with the Monday being an official holiday.  It is a statutory holiday in most parts of the country.  The 3 day weekend provides enough time to enjoy a variety of activities and day trips.

  Turkey dinner is traditional and families might get together for dinner anytime from Friday to Monday. Many chooose to do that on Sunday and then enjoy the leftovers on Monday. (One of the best parts of a turkey dinner!) Restaurants feature turkey dinners all week and often offer a special plate over the weekend.

Popular Thanksgiving Flowers… 

 Flower centerpieces are usually part of the table preparation and fall colored flowers are almost always  chosen for this decoration.  The host might buy flowers themselves but many will send flowers as a gift and have the gift delivered by a florist. Centerpieces are often made with candles too.  Popular Thanksgiving flowers include orange carnations, bronze mums and fall colored roses with other accents. There are many shades of oranges, rusts, yellows and reds used in these designs. Accents include wheat stems, cat tails and fall leaves. It is  a time enjoyed by floral designers as they unleash their creativity for a traditional affair. Growers co-operate with many choice flowers available including wonderful shades of gerbera, powerful bi-colored roses, alstroemeria, miniature carnations, sunflowers and  asters. Jewel tones are becoming popular combining rich strong darker colors including purples and magentas.

A Cornucopia of Arrangements… 

There are many styles of arrangements offered for this celebration. An old favorite is the cornucopia overflowing with fall flowers or perhaps filled with tasty fruit and gourmet selections. Wicker basket designs are popular as the the baskets chosen are often in the fall colors of browns and natural shades matching the flowers very well.  Vases are still selected by many and some will buy cut flowers to arrange in their own vase.  Whatever, flowers add a festive element to any table at Thanksgiving with warm showy colors and add a cozy feeling to the room. There is no doubt a gift of flowers is always appropiate and apprectied very much by the host or recipient.

 Plants are also popular at Thanksgiving and most people decorate outside their homes and shops with fall mums. These plants are everywhere in attractive fall shades of bronzes and yellows.  These plants come in several sizes at very low prices due to mass high volume production by growers.  There are also indoor mum pots and a variety of planters decorated for fall.

Giving Thanks… 

 Thanksgiving in Canada is also celebrated in religous circles and most churches are decorated beautifully with the blessings of the fall harvest. Decorations may include wheat sheaves, pumpkins, corn stalks, and garden produce.  Services give thanks for a bountiful harvest and draw on bibical stories about the festival. Hymns about the harvest are sung and everyone gives thanks for all their blessings.

 The history of Thanksgiving in Canada is also very interesting but that will have to be the subject of another post.