Christmas Flowers

Christmas flowers are unique to the holiday season, and apart from the Christmas tree they are one of the few organic items that indicate the holidays are here once more. Christmas flowers bring the soft gentle fragrance of the holiday season into your home. There are many varieties to choose from and each Christmas flower has its own story to tell.

The poinsettia’s Mexican origins tell of a little boy who wanted to take a special flower to church, and all he could find were weeds by the road. The European history of ivy and mistletoe is equally enchanting. Holly is said to bring luck, mistletoe love and good fortune, the poinsettia is said to represent belief, and the yule log (not strictly a flower by any stretch of the imagination) was supposed to ward off evil spirits.

Christmas is a special time of year and Christmas flowers simply make the season more memorable. Some Christmas flowers last longer than others, and choosing them for beauty or longevity (or both) requires some knowledge, as well as the ability to care properly for them during the holiday season.

Poinsettia plants (a favourite at Christmas) can last weeks past Christmas when cared for correctly, of course, cut Christmas flowers will likely last a week or so with care. Remember, at Christmas the air is usually drier and Christmas flowers may need more water than normal.

Also, you are probably not the only person thinking of sending Christmas flowers this season so plan accordingly. Make arrangements with your local florist to have your Christmas flowers ready for collection or delivery when you need them.

A little planning this holiday season goes along way, and ensures a beautiful Christmas flower arrangement will be ready for you and your guests. If you have questions about the best Christmas flowers to select, or you wonder how best to care for your Christmas plants remember to contact your preferred florist — but don’t leave it too late.