Symbolic Meaning of Flowers

It is important for some people to know the symbolic meaning of flowers for a number of reasons. For one, there are individuals who are few or not good with words that every time they want to express their feelings, the words they’ve practiced a thousand times just don’t come out. In order for them to express how they feel without the need to talk, flowers can be an effective medium in addition to a romantic note.

Also, there are people who are fond of sending flowers. If you are one of those people, it is essential you know what flower to send and with what meaning you are trying to convey. You may have though that giving flowers is simple, think again. Contrary to what the majority believe, each class of flowers express different symbolic meaning. The symbolic meaning of flowers in terms of love and stuff, you can refer to the following flowers and their meanings.

White Carnation – Pure and Ardent Love

Red Carnation – My Heart Aches for You

Red Chrysanthemum – I love You

Forget-Me-Not – True Love

Lilac – First True Love

Primrose – Young Love

Red Tulip- Perfect Love

Aster – Love, Daintiness, and Patience

Daisy – Innocence, Loyal Love, I-ll Never Tell

Hyacinth – Forgive Me or I-m Sorry

Roses are one of the most famous and preferred flowers for both men and women. But, you should also know that certain colors of roses have different meanings. For example:

Red Roses represent respect, courage, passionate love and unity, while the full blown red roses convey a message: I love you.

White Roses signify endless love, innocence, purity, spiritual love and anticipation of happiness.

Pink Roses stand for elegance, sophistication, gracefulness and refinement with the combination of fun and light-heartedness.

Yellow Roses mean strong feeling of pure joy, freedom, and friendship. Orange Rose symbolizes enthusiasm, desire, and fascination and it expresses a message that says: I-m Proud of You!

Read on below the symbolic meaning of flowers pertaining to friendship:

White Jasmine – Friendliness Zinnia – Thoughts of Far-Away Friends

Bird of Paradise – Joyfulness

Chrysanthemum – You-re a Wonderful Friend.