Basic Information about the Different Parts of a Flower

Flowers never cease to amaze people with their natural beauty that every time we see a garden full of blooming flowers, we feel this sudden urge to pick one if not for the warning sign that does not allow picking of flowers. But, were you interested to know the different parts of flower? Don’t just content yourself with admiring beautiful blossoms, especially if you want to have your own flower garden or even if you already have one.

If there is a chance, take time to observe and take a closer look at a full-blown flower. You will notice it is comprised of different parts and each part performs an important job, just like the different parts of human body, in which each has different function. Some of the most important parts of a flower are divided into male and female parts. To find out the different functions of the various parts of a flower, continue reading below.

The male parts include stamen, anther, and filament. Each part has its own work to do. Stamen is the male part of the flower and it is divided into two parts: anthers and filaments. The anthers are the ones that produce and carry the pollen are usually on top of a long stalk resembling that of a fine hair, and are normally yellow in colour. Filament, on the other hand, is held up by a thread-like part called a filament.

Pistil is the female part of the flower that consists of stigma, style, and ovary. Each pistil is made up of one to many rolled leaf-like structures. The stigma is one of the female parts of a flower. It is the sticky bulb that is found in the centre of the flowers. It is the part of the pistil of a flower that gathers and stores pollen grains from another flower, on which they germinate. The style is another part which is the long stalk that sits on top of. The ovary is usually located at the bottom part of the flower that has seed inside and turns into fruit. It has ovules, where pollen grains travel through and fertilization takes place.

The other important parts of a flower are petal and sepals. Petals are the ones responsible for attracting the attention of pollinating insects with their attractive bright colour and scent, where as sepals are the ones the look like little green leaves that protect the flower before it opens up to reveal its stunning beauty.

There is something you should also know that concerns the different parts of a flower. Did you know that flowers have two types? Flowers can be perfect or imperfect. It means that perfect flowers have both male and female parts, while the imperfect ones have either all male or all female parts.

Who knew?