Bird of Paradise Flower

Bird of Paradise flowersBird of Paradise are spectacular blossoms. There’s no stopping you from admiring such beautiful creations on this planet. Although most flowers are fantastic, but you just can’t deny the unique beauty of Bird of Paradise flowers.

The Bird of Paradise, native to South Africa, is a large tropical herb that was classified as a member of the banana family – or Musaceae, probably because of the shape of its leaves, which resembles that of banana leaves. At present, its scientific name is Strelitzia reginae. It is also ranked in the division of Magnoliophyta, class Liliopsida, and order Zingeberales. Obviously, the name Bird of Paradise simply comes from its spectacular blossoms that look like birds if being watched from afar.

The Bird of Paradise flowers are breath-taking blossoms where long stemmed flowers come out from green boat-shaped bracts that are bordered in red or purple. Actually, you find many sets of flowers in foliage, which gather on the end of a stalk. They have extraordinary combination of distinctive shape and dazzling colors that perfectly suit their name. The many pointed petals of radiant orange are contrasted with an arrow-shaped tongue of striking blue. There are also species of Bird of Paradise flower that have white and blue shades. This plant normally begins to blossom in succession over a period of time in the winter and spring.

If you want to plant and enjoy your own Bird of Paradise flowers from seed, it may take you five to seven years, but the waiting period is worth once the plant starts to bloom. If this information does not discourage you and won’t stop you from having your own Bird of Paradise, then you might as well know how to care for them. In order to have an ideal result, you should know the following tips.

Bird of Paradise should get a good amount of sun light; however it needs protection below 30 degrees, the fact that it’s a tropical plant.

It should be fertilized with appropriate fertilizer and make sure not to over-fertilize. Simply follow the directions and give only enough as directed. Remember, too much of anything doesn-t do any good, whether to people, animals or plants.

Bird of Paradise responds well to trimming, you may want to try doing it. Do not over-water the plant. It is best that the roots can dry out fairly in between watering.

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