Kwanzaa Flowers

Royal Christmas Centerpiece

Kwanzaa is an African American inspired celebration that embraces African Americans values and traditions of African families. It is a week long celebration that honors the African heritage and culture. Kwanzaa starts on December 26th and goes until January 1st.

Created by Maulana Kerenga, Kwanzaa began back in 1966. Karenga’s goal was to give Blacks an alternative to the existing holiday with an opportunity to celebrate their history and cultures.

Kwanzaa celebrates what Kerenga called the 7 principals of Kwanzaa:
• Unity
• Self-Determination
• Collective Work and Responsibility
• Cooperative Economics
• Purpose
• Creativity
• Faith
Part of the celebration is gathering as families and friends at various homes, partaking in great food and conversation. Often times, everyone brings a dish or gift for the host. Flowers are always a welcomed gift.

If you have friends or family that celebrate Kwanzaa, sending a gift of a colorful arrangement of flowers is a great way to show your friends or loved ones just how valued you consider them.