Holiday Wreaths

Scent of Cinnamon Double

Decorating your front door with a holiday wreath is an old tradition and dates back hundreds of years. For hundreds of years, from when the first Christmas tree was cut down, the trimmings from the base of the tree where used to create door swags and wreaths. Not only were they placed on the outside of the doors of home, but also used as accents inside the home while adding to the fresh pine scent of the season.

Christmas wreaths are typically made from fir tree garlands (often balsam fir) and then wound or wrapped into the familiar wreath shape. You will find them decorated in a variety of ways from whimsical Christmas themes to elegant themes using rich colors of gold’s, deep reds, silver, and royal blues. Fresh firs are also used in the creation of swags and table centerpieces with table centerpieces also utilizing flowers of the season to accent the beauty of the rich forest greens. Common accents used in all themes are pine-cones, flowers, ribbons, and festive ornaments.

The Christmas wreath is a common icon of the holiday season and found on doors from offices to homes from large to small! It is a great way to show your spirit of the season. Sending a Holiday Wreath is a great way of sharing that holiday season and always a welcomed gift!