Thanksgiving is about family and giving thanks….

Bright Harvest Arrangement

Thanksgiving is all about family and giving thanks. Thanks for all the blessings and love one has in their life no matter how big or little. It is a great time to show that thanks to those you love. Not everyone can gather with all their loved ones on Thanksgiving Day. Married couples often find splitting holidays between parents – one year to the wife’s side and next to the husband sides. With split families, this can even become more of a challenge. No matter who’s home it is you are sharing Thanksgiving with, you can let the others know just how much you care for them as well by sending them a Thanksgiving flower arrangement with a sentimental card attached. This is a great way of making a presence in their home on this holiday even though it may not be your physical being.

It is impossible to be everywhere at once. And for those who try to make the rounds, you know how you feel at the end of the day or even weekend – exhausted and generally 20 pounds heavier! No, flowers may not be the same as you being there in person, but is the next best thing. And just think, you will not be trying to work off the holiday throughout the next year just to start all over again. 