Congratulations on the New Job Gifts!

New Dream Bouquet

When someone lands a job, whether it is their first job or a new job after being laid off, or an advancement in position, it is a pretty big deal! Jobs are few and far between, and where once people would leave a job on a whim just because they were not happy, people are sticking it out, knowing the reality of the situation and are thankful even for a job that may not be the greatest. So when someone you care about someone and they land that job, especially if they had been laid off or searching for a long period of time, show them just how happy you are for them! Congratulate them with flowers.

You don’t need to send them flowers to their new place of employment, you can send them to their home. IN reality, it is probably wise to wait to send flowers to their work until you know what their procedures are, plus generally a new person at a place of employment is noticed more than they want to be anyhow. By sending flowers, you may add to their already wavering comfort level. But guaranteed, they will love to be greeted with flowers delivered at their home. It will not only show that you are happy for them, but also that you believe in them. That confidence boost you give them through your generous gift of flowers could be just the thing that makes them shine a little brighter than other employees. Congratulation gifts of flowers or a beautiful green plant carries more power and sentiment than one would imagine.