What do Birthdays mean to you?

Sunny Birthday Present by Teleflora

I feel the birthday of a loved one should be cherished and acknowledged in some fashion, after all, it is that day that the person was brought into the world to become a part of your life to develop the relationship you have today.

Sadly, you cannot always be near the person you cherish when their birthday comes along. It is those times it is important to take extra effort to let them know just how much they are truly cherished. There are many ways you can express your love. You can of course always send them flowers. That is always a win as flowers can express more than words at times. Add a card with it with your own personal sentiments and your birthday person will not only be delighted, but left with moist eyes from deep felt sentiment. When sending flowers to a birthday loved one, you can incorporate other little gifts of your affection like adding some helium balloons, a stuffed animal, picking the perfect vase that matches the birthday person’s personality and much more. You can incorporate candies or gourmet items. The combinations are endless. The most important item though is the thought that goes behind your decision in what you send. It expresses who you are as well as how important the recipient is to you! So if birthdays mean to you, an opportunity to acknowledge the not only the birthday person but the gift that they are to your life, bestow a naturally expressive gift of flowers upon those special people with your own special added touches!