Ordering Flowers Online For Delivery

When we think of ordering flowers online, it is usually for Mother’s Day, or as another gift for someone who lives across the country from us.  It’s unusual to consider ordering flowers for our wedding online.  Why is that?  Maybe it is because we don’t quite grasp the concept of ordering flowers for delivery as a gift and ordering flowers for delivery to the church for our big day as being the same.  Do we know that it will be someone from a florist in our area filling the order and delivering the flowers?  Are we afraid of some sort of miscommunication will take place and we will receive the wrong flower arrangement?  That can happen anywhere.

Ordering flowers online is not much different than ordering flowers directly from the local florist.  Florists made arrangements with each other years ago.  If you ordered a bouquet of flowers to be delivered to your grandmother on her birthday from your local florist, that local florist would call the florist in the area closest to your grandmother’s house to make the floral arrangement and the delivery.  The same thing happens when you order flowers online.  The online florist will make the floral arrangements through the florist in your area who will also deliver them to the location you have specified.

You don’t have to worry about them going through the postal system or UPS.  FedEx doesn’t even deliver the floral arrangements for you.  You will have the flowers you ordered brought fresh and to the door by the local florist who has been contacted by the online florist.  When florist first started working with each other around the country and possibly even around the world, they started with the FTD florists.  Times have changed, but the way florist work together to make fresh flower deliveries has not.  They have had this practice in place for over 100 years and they do it well.

So now you don’t have to worry about where the florist is located when ordering flowers to be delivered.  The florist can be in Burlington, Ontario, but you will still receive a fresh bouquet of the flowers you ordered at your door.