November Birth Flower – Chrysanthemum

Bronze Mum Plant

Chrysanthemum is November’s birth flower. Most people call it by its short name “Mum”. Chrysanthemums are known for relaying the meaning “with love and cheerfulness”. There are several different colors of the Chrysanthemum including pink, red, white, yellow, mauve, orange and many more. These characteristics of the “Mum” are focused, determined, emotional, hypnotic, and complex. They are probably, other than daisies and roses, the most universal flower in floral arrangements.

From all over the world people give birth month flowers as gifts to congratulate or celebrate events such as birthdays or anniversaries and even weddings or just because. The Chrysanthemum is a flower that can be intertwined with many other flowers in bouquets or special centerpieces. It is a very versatile flower meaning it will go with just about any other flower. If you are in to Feng Shui chrysanthemums are said to bring laughter and happiness to the home.

Chrysanthemums are a fall flower that blooms when your garden flowers are usually disappearing. Mum’s are both hardy and tender depending on the type you purchase. The annuals tend to be more tender than the hardy perennials yet are sold by the millions in nurseries almost everywhere.

When it comes to fall decoration, Chrysanthemums are very popular in Thanksgiving arrangements and more. If you have a November birth loved one in your life, share their birth flower with them through a special delivery of a beautiful flower arrangement incorporating beautiful Chrysanthemums.