Letting Go

I'm Sorry Bouquet in Vase

Holding grudges can eat at ones very soul. It is not healthy on the holder or the one directed at. There are time sin life we need to reevaluate just who it is we are holding grudges on and what the real reason is behind it. Often times you will find that those reason are silly or really not significant enough to lose past friendships over. Sometimes all it takes to get past a long held rival is a simple “I am sorry.” This doesn’t even need to be done face to face. You can express your feelings through a small gift of flowers. This does not have to be done for any other reason then to free your own self from holding unto unnecessary resentments.

This does not mean that you need to resume a relationship with that person again, but that you have done your part in the letting go process. Flowers can be used for so many things, not just for lovers and friends, but also for those occasions where some things are better left unsaid, and best let go. Flowers can help you make that symbolic move of letting go and moving on.