Halloween Flowers

Halloween Bou-quet by FTD

Halloween Flowers can be almost anything really, since this is a holiday of costumes. However, when you think of Halloween you think immediately of fall colors, oranges, browns, and yellows and deep red all beautiful colors. A nice Halloween bouquet or a centerpiece would be orange mums mixed in with some sunflowers and daisies placed in between would be nice also top it off with some red day lilies and a black spider to make it festive. You can mix and match in so many different ways the possibilities are endless. Use a Halloween decoration as the basket or vase and include fall colored carnations, mix it maybe with some purple or blue to make the colors stand out more. Don’t forget the greens to offset the entire arrangement.

Pumpkins can also help out with your decorations, carve a pumpkin but not all the way through, place a deep tray for the water to set inside and place your flowers in the green plant Styrofoam make sure they are long enough to peak out the top of the pumpkin. A dark brown wicker basket with fresh flowers in them and little ghosts and goblins throughout would be a cute arrangement. Using your home Halloween decorations can intensify any flower arrangement and make it spooky. Incorporate your candles into a Halloween flower centerpiece by arranging them in or around you center piece filled with yellows oranges reds browns and even white flowers.

Order fresh cut flowers from Brant Florist in the fall colors you adore and create some really terrific Halloween arrangements for your home or purchase already created arrangements. Either way, one thing everyone knows is, you cannot go wrong with flowers, no matter the time or the season.