Featured Flower Friday – Sweetest Day Oct 17th

Gentle Caress™ Bouquet

October 17th is Sweetest Day – a day to let your sweetie know you are thinking about them, that they matter, and that you care enough to express it with flowers. Some people may think it is redundant to have a Sweetest Day and Valentines Day to boot, but can you ever relay your affections to one you care about too much? I don’t think so. Further more, some people need the gentle reminders to do just that, which makes sweetest day yet another great time to remind that special someone how much they mean to you in a gift of flowers. From young love to old love, and even for those who merely want to acknowledge someone special and sweet in their life – Sweetest Day is a perfect occasion to do just that. Don’t let a opportunity ever pass you by to let those in your life know that you care. Take advantage of holidays such as Sweetest Day to share those sentiments in flowers.