October Birthday’s

You're Special Bouquet by FTD

There is something about October birthdays that I just adore. I think it is because all of the warm colors that surround us this time of year. It is fun sending flowers to loved ones anytime of year, but I especially adore the fall colors that flowers come in an abundance of. The rusty oranges, the golden hues, the deep maroons, and even the browns just make any heart warm up when they are received in a beautiful flower bouquet.

This could also the reason I love the Thanksgiving flower collection as well! Yards are being decorated for Halloween and the indoors are starting to spring up festive fall décor for Thanksgiving in the U.S. From pumpkins to Haystakes, to warm Fall Wreaths on doors… the fall colors in flower decorations are just gorgeous. It just goes without saying that in birthday bouquets they would be greeted with the same warmth that the colors exude.

So if you have a loved one with an October birthday, this is a great time to send them a warm heart in the gift of fall colored flowers. Not only are they the perfect gift for a birthday, they will also make for great fall décor in the birthday person’s home.