National Bosses Day OCT 16th

Orange Blossom Special

National Bosses Day is October 16th so it is not to late to show your boss your appreciation for that weekly paycheck. You don’t have to like your boss to be grateful that you have a job, and by sending a gift of flowers or a nice gift basket is a great way too stay in the good light with your boss.

Everyone likes to be acknowledge, even your boss. Their job may appear simple, but in reality, they deal with stressors beyond belief. Their demeanor may not always appear to be that approachable or even one where you would consider feeling comfortable sending flowers or a gift basket to; however, in reality they are no different from you or I. They just have a different title. They, just like you enjoy being surprised, acknowledge, and appreciated. Don’t let a cold or stern exterior stop you from showing your boss you do appreciate him or her. You just might be the one that brings that smile on their face that no one has ever seen.