Mental Health Awareness Day

Compassionate Callings

October 10th is Mental Health Day but observed throughout the week of the 10th. It is observed in more than 100 countries worldwide. Mental Health Day was brought about to help raise awareness with the public about mental health issues worldwide. You may see stands at your local grocery stores with people distributing educational materials on mental health issues and taking donations towards Mental Health awareness funds or research throughout the week of Mental Health Day. It is a great donation cause. With your donation, generally one receives a paper flower pin of sorts or other symbolic piece of gratitude.

Commemorative events held on Mental Health Day are public service announcements, educational lectures, distribution of educational materials on mental health issues, and awards given to those who have made significant contributions in improving mental health issues.

Mental disorders affect nearly 12% of the world’s population or one out of every 4 people around the world. Nearly everyone knows someone in their close circle that suffers from some degree of a mental issue. As wonderful and useful the donations are that are given at collection points on Mental Health Day, so is acknowledging those close to you that suffer from mental disorders. What a great gift a beautiful flower arrangement would be and a great up lifter for someone who deals with the issues of mental disabilities. Take a moment and acknowledge mental heath day in whatever way you can. Every bit you do, from donation to bringing a smile to a person with a mental disability with a gift of flowers, helps.