October Birth Flower – Marigold and the Cosmos


Birth month flowers are designated to a special month. Whatever month you were born in, there is a special flower or two that are specifically for your month. For the month of October, those special flowers would be the Marigold (Calendula) and the Cosmos.

Marigold / Calendula
The marigolds, genus Calendula L., are a genus of about 20 species of annual or perennial herbaceous plants in the daisy family Asteraceae, native to Mexico and Central America, the Mediterranean region and Macaronesia.

The petals of the Pot Marigold are spicy and are edible, added to dishes as a garnish. Sacred affection is shown with the marigold. Those born in the month of October are known for being warm, receptive people who are easy going and easy to talk to. Marigolds are said to represent contentment, excellence, loveliness, good luck, grace, gratitude, joy, love of nature, comfort, and true love.

Cosmos is a genus of about twenty species of annual and perennial plants of the Asteraceae family, including the garden flowers Cosmos bipinnatus (also known as “Mexican Aster”),Cosmos atrosanguineus (“Chocolate Cosmos”) and Cosmos sulphureus (“Yellow Cosmos”). This particular type of flower comes in many bright colors. Some popular colors are pinks, reds, yellow, magenta, and white.

These flowers are very fragrant, chocolate cosmos even smell like chocolate. Cosmos is the Greek word for harmony or ordered universe. Cosmos flowers symbolize peace, modesty, creation, and wholeness as well as joy.