Lily Flower Arrangements

Autumn Vase Bouquet by FTD

Lily flower arrangements behold timeless beauty. They are a great way to express the beauty you find in another. Their elegant shape speaks the language of love and compassion thus the reason they are commonly used in both romantic floral arrangements and funeral floral arrangements.

The lilies are versatile, long–living cut flowers that make them perfect as stand alones in floral arrangements or accompanied by other beautiful flowers.

Asiatic lilies are springtime blooms, which come in various bright and brilliant colors. These pointed petal flowers add a classy touch to your floral arrangements. The gorgeous Asiatic lilies are a great way to celebrate the season or to be used in any floral need. With gorgeous colors, long stem, and great cut Asiatic lilies win without trouble in any lily flower arrangement.

A lily flower arrangement with Asiatic lilies is perfect for any occasion, whether it is a simple thank you gift or a luxurious banquet. Visit Brant Florist for all of your floral needs including the exotic Asiatic lilies and a variety of other lilies ranging from oriental lilies to stargazer lilies.