Proper Funeral Flowers

The We Fondly Remember Arrangement

Funerals bring with them many mixed emotions. With these mixed emotions, one can have a difficult time in picking out the proper funeral flowers. Flowers have traditionally been accepted practice as a way to expressing sympathy and showing those grieving that you care and are there for them. It is also considered a sign of affection and respect for the deceased.

When already dealing with so many mixed emotions, picking the proper funeral flowers can become overwhelming. There are so many different options. Your relationship with the deceased plays a role in choosing the proper funeral flowers and where they should be delivered. Following proper funeral etiquette, if you were not close with the deceased, but are a close friend to the survivors, sending funeral flowers to the home and/or funeral home is acceptable.

When sending funeral flowers to the funeral home, make sure they are delivered a day before the services. Always respect the personal beliefs and wishes of the family members overseeing the funeral arrangements including religious beliefs. For example, if the deceased is of an orthodox Jewish decent would find this offensive and you should send flowers to the home of their family member instead. Pay attention to religious motifs that can be on certain arrangements. If you are unsure of the religious beliefs, go with a funeral flower arrangement that holds no religious motifs.