“Wow” them Flowers!

Calla Lily Promise™ Bouquet

When you want to really “WOW” a recipient with flowers go exotic or with huge blooms. Go with flowers that are not the typical filler flowers in flower arrangements. Go with bold colors that make a statement in designs that are unusual and create conversation. Some great flowers to “WOW” the receiver of flowers are:

Orchids: Absolutely one of the most stunning yet understated flower in a flower arrangement. They are great for creating various types of exotic flower arrangements.

Calla lilies: These lilies are elegant and sleek and definitely make a statement with its clean lines and modish look makes it very popular for weddings and added to arrangements that are created to wow a person.

Lilly of the Valley: This fragrant beauty can be rather pricy added to a floral arrangement, but its elegance is worth the price when one sees the benefit it gives to a “wow” flower arrangement.

Peonies: Very seasonal and another hard find so when you do hit the season right, peonies make a bold statement.

Magnolias: Keep in mind that these are not always available at all florists and are seasonal so the price will reflect this but so will the sentiment.

Hydrangeas: These delightfully feminine flowers large, tightly packed blooms require fewer to get the desired affect making it a price effective way to create the perfect wow flower arrangement.

If the old standbys of roses and carnations just don’t seem to give enough wow factor on their own, consider adding some of the suggested flowers to give your flower arrangement a real “Wow” factor.