The Color Meaning of Roses

— The Color Meaning of Roses

Different color roses symbolize different things and the meaning of different color roses is show here:

  1. Red: love, used to say “I love you,” but also stands for courage and respect.
  2. Red & White Together or White Roses with Red Edges signify unity and togetherness.
  3. Pink: symbolizes grace, sophistication and elegance. Also symbolizes gentle feelings of love and friendship.
  4. Dark Pink: Gratefulness and appreciation.
  5. Light Pink: Admiration, sympathy
  6. White: Innocence, purity, secrecy, friendship, reverence and humility.
  7. Yellow: Often akin to joy and deep friendship or platonic love. In German speaking countries, however, they can mean jealousy and infidelity.
  8. Yellow with red tips: Symbolizes a gesture of falling in love.
  9. Orange or Coral symbolizes enthusiasm and desire
  10. Burgundy: Beauty
  11. Blue: Mystery
  12. Green: Calm
  13. Black: used to signify death (black being the color of death) often of old habits. In a positive light it signifies rebirth after death. Also, slavish devotion (as a true black rose is impossible to produce).
  14. Purple: protection (paternal/maternal love)

— Rose Types Also Convey Meanings Too

  1. Rose (thornless) – Love at first sight
  2. Rose (single, full bloom) – I love you; I still love you
  3. Rose bud – Beauty and youth; a heart innocent of love
  4. Rose bud (red) – Pure and lovely
  5. Rose bud (white) – Girlhood
  6. Rosebud (moss) – Confessions of love
  7. Roses (bouquet of full bloom) – Gratitude
  8. Roses (garland or crown of) – Beware of virtue; reward of merit; crown ; symbol of superior merit
  9. Roses (musk cluster) – Charming
  10. Rose (tea) – I’ll always remember
  11. Rose (cabbage) – Ambassador of love
  12. Rose (Christmas) – Tranquilize my anxiety or anxiety
  13. Rose (damask) – Brilliant complexion
  14. Rose (dark crimson) – Mourning
  15. Rose (hibiscus) – Delicate beauty
  16. Rose leaf – You may hope