Pick the Flower to Match your Feeling


Flowers make a great gift for any occasion, even Ground Hog Day if you choose and there is a flower that can express what ever sentiment you may be having, even as extreme as dislike.  However, sending flowers to a person because you dislike them is not a common practice but can be done.  Nevertheless, why when there are so many great reasons to send flowers!

Here is a little guide that will help you choose flowers to fit the sentiment you are trying to express through a gift of flowers.

Red Roses: Red roses are power flowers and easily reflect “I Love You” with each and every long stemmed red beauty.  They are great for any occasion.  There is never a wrong time to send someone you love a red rose.

Yellow Roses: Yellow roses are the flower of friendship.  They are a perfect gift for a co-worker or sibling.  However, they might be too timid to express romantic interest.  They do not express the romanticism of the red rose.

Pink Roses: Pink roses are the flowers of secret love.  They are a perfect medium between the friendship of a yellow rose, and the romantic love of the red rose.  They express a secret love, and should not be mistaken purely as a friendship gift like the yellow rose.

White Roses: White roses are the flowers of innocent love.  They are ideal for family members and family occasions, even funerals.

Carnations: Carnations are the flower of fascination.  They are an ideal flower to give to a romantic interest that has not yet blossomed into a relationship.

Orchids: Orchids are the flowers of love and beauty.  They can be given for practically any occasion to practically anybody.  Think sweet 16 birthdays…

Daisy: Gifting daisies expresses loyal love and are perfect for Mother’s Day and Grandparents day or even incorporated into anniversary flower arrangements.

Lily: The Lily is the flower of purity and sweetness.  It is an ideal flower to give to a niece or daughter or a fresh new love.

Chrysanthemum: The Chrysanthemum is a flower of friendship, so it will go well on any occasion, but may not be ideal for expressing romantic interest.  However, when used in a combination of red roses, expresses something everybody wants in a relationship – friends and love