September’s Birth Flower ~ Aster

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September’s birth flower is the Aster. The Aster’s dense petal formation allows its rich, deep color to radiate. The Aster includes 600 species of star shaped flowering plants. The name is Greek, meaning “star”. Most of the species are found in gardens because of their showy flowers and petals. The Aster is unique for its delicate purple color suggesting a manner of very high spiritual level of expression. The Aster can also be found in a variety of other colors including blue and white.

Legend has it that burning the Aster leaves will keep away snakes. In French tradition, it is said that placing the flowers on the grave of a dead soldier is a tribute to his bravery.

Meaning of the September Birth Flower the Aster is love, faith, wisdom and symbolizes valor. If you have a September loved ones birthday coming up and are sending them a beautiful flower arrangement, make sure to incorporate some asters into their flower arrangement and make you gift of flowers even that more special.